About the Data

Data Suppression

The data presented on the Connecticut Environmental Public Health Tracking (CT EPHT) Portal are publically available data.
Some data has been suppressed in order to prevent the disclosure of personal identifying health information.
Non-zero counts that are less than 6 are suppressed for areas with a total population less than 100,000 persons.
In addition, rates are checked for their stability, so that trends over time and between geographic areas or persons can be evaluated with reasonable confidence. Any rate with a relative standard error (RSE) greater than or equal to 30% is flagged as unstable.
More detailed data may be available by contacting the CT EPHT Program directly.

We are interested in hearing about how data from the CT EPHT Portal is being used.
If you use data from the portal for a project, please let us know.

Meta Data Files

Birth Defects.pdf Download
Emergency Department Visits.pdf Download
Hospitalizations.pdf Download
Public Water Supply Inventory.pdf Download
Public Water Supply Sampling.pdf Download